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I used to make an effort to forget an umbrella when it rained. All dressed in my best regardless of the forecast, I felt proud to arrive at a place dripping. People would say, “did you forget your umbrella?” and I would say “I do not believe in prevention.”


Inquiry is play. That’s the name of this game. It’s hot out there folks, and it’s bound to get hotter.


Beginning with a slight exaggeration, a dirty little note, I have a ridiculous need to assess a wreckage though, at the same time I find it hard to swallow, too much to chew. 


A pulse within the system, it requires you to be constantly seen. You must look to find privacy, and it is a timely endeavor to seek out. 


Once I realized this a rage began to roll


It’s the little things, the snap of a twig, the creak of the floorboards, that one person who couldn’t stop looking at the seam of your skirt on the train home, that soon become the big things. Before you know it you’re walking faster, looking back regularly. 


It’s important to leave places, especially if those places demand to be occupied and that is exactly what I did when someone grabbed me by the arm. It was as if I had never felt the prick of a cold  Tuesday night. 


the sound of hate… another kind of fire. A Blaring Siren of Reiteration.  It can be so hard to watch yet we look anyway...watching as people become puzzles.


Some things never really fit back together after they've been forced into place. Your skin starts feels a little less like home and more like guest bed sheets and often, after a while, it starts to feel nothing like home at all



A trap around the bend lurking in the shadows, it doesn’t matter for whom.


everyone is a fool so it won't matter the way in which you come along, it only matters that you keep your eyes peeled. 

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