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Dear Dick, 

I thought it only fitting to write my proposal in this way, addressed to you, my muse. Since you are Dick and I am Dick and we’ve already established a normalized method of communicating, I recognize that you need to understand what I am aiming to do.

I Love Dick, based on the novel by Chris Kraus of the same name, is about flipping the tables. Not only refusing the male gaze, but queering it... feeling empowered by it, and reciprocating it. A collection of written and video illustrated letters, this body of work is my message to the world at large, I love you.

 It is about a community engagement, the act of giving yourself to all others, rather than to another individual. I Love Dick is a collective effort. This work expands on the idea of desire by prescribing one person’s desire to everyone. Whether they are reading the letters or not Dick is about them. Pushing the boundaries of intimacy the viewer becomes the desire object of the artist. The artist reciprocates the viewer’s gaze. 

“What I would really like for us to work out together is how I can belong to everyone at once.”

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